An Introduction to Catchy’s Developer Marketing Guide

The developer industry is complex, reaching across practically every other sector and touching all levels of organizational purview. A vast number of apps and products are being created all the time, and developers from around the world are vying for attention to claim their slice of success. 

As with most businesses, marketing is essential to securing long-term growth and establishing loyal customers. Yet developers and their stakeholders present a specific demographic that requires unique strategies and approaches that most agencies are unfamiliar with. This is where a “one size fits all” approach to marketing just won’t work. 

At Catchy, we’ve discovered a handful of core questions that must be addressed in order to establish an optimal developer marketing campaign. This includes:

  • Why do developer programs matter?
  • What’s your unique value proposition?
  • How do you establish a developer community?
  • What marketing content meets your audience’s needs?
  • What makes for effective engagement?

In answering all of these and many more, the Catchy team has crafted a comprehensive guide to developer program marketing strategies and campaigns--and we’d love to share it with you!

This five-part guide is completely free and gives you the foundation you need to better understand developer marketing. It also equips you to overcome the many challenges and take advantage of unexpected opportunities, whether you’re building a developer program from scratch or trying a fresh approach to an established business. 

Ready to learn what developer marketing really takes? Check out the guide today.