The Decentralization of Developers: Lessons from the 2022 DevRelX Summit

The explosion of Web3 technology over the past three years has triggered a rapid change in what it means to build and operate a successful developer marketing program. What can organizations learn from this shift to engage developers successfully in the future? To find out, Catchy invited some of the leading minds in Web3 to join “The Decentralization of Developers” panel at last week’s DevRelX Summit.

Managing Partner Gary Gonzalez was joined by:

  • Johanna Moran, Head of Developer Outreach and Programs at The Algorand Foundation
  • Mei Chan, Director of Product Marketing at ConsenSys
  • Melodi Kaya, Head of Developer Marketing at Chainlink Labs

The panelists provided insight into how their organizations attract, engage, and mobilize developers in Web3.

What is it about Web3 that attracts developers?

Web3 is a broad term that describes anything connected to a decentralized blockchain. There are commonly seen applications of Web3 in finance (cryptocurrencies) and the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but the possibilities of Web3 extend far beyond these.

These possibilities represent the main draw for developers. Web3 provides opportunities to learn, collaborate, discover, and build entirely new ideas. Developers are finding new pathways that don’t exist in the traditional tech space, including entrepreneurship, and a supportive community to work with along the way.

Where does awareness come from in the Web3 ecosystem?

Developers in the Web3 ecosystem are eager to learn, passionate about their work, and open to new ideas. There’s no playbook here. The “Crypto Wild West,” as one panelist put it, is a fun place to be, and successful marketing reflects this sense of fun.

Conversations in Web3 are taking place in small groups across decentralized channels. It’s essential to go out and participate in these conversations where they’re taking place. Meet developers where they are with educational messaging and a curated experience to drive awareness.

You’ll find opportunities to do this using social media networks and platforms like Discord, Slack, Reddit, Stack Overflow, Telegram, and Twitter. Consider how you can add value to the conversation for each of these.

What makes developer marketing programs successful in Web3?

The power of developers drives Web3, so it’s crucial to guide them through the ecosystem and provide pathways for them to grow. The developer experience will be defined by how you open up new doors, and you won’t always be able to do this alone.

Success in this space means collaborating, including through partnerships and co-marketing. If you engage with the Web3 community, you’ll find new ways to reach more developers through complementary programs and initiatives.

Be creative, but also keep an eye on your product goals. Collaborations should be measurable, and you’ll want to hold yourself accountable to key metrics along the way.

How can marketers support the Web3 community?

The value developers create in Web3 is much greater than any organization can build on its own. This dynamic creates a shared sense of community, where collaboration, learning, and openness benefit developers and the ecosystem as a whole.

This is a space where developers rule, and the role of marketing is to provide support where it’s needed. With so much new tech and many new ideas, offering resources, tutorials, hackathons, events (both online and offline), and even Ph.D. grants can help enable innovation. Enabling more developers to join the community ultimately means growing your audience.

Key Takeaways

“The Decentralization of Developers” panel highlighted developer marketing lessons from experts working in Web3. This decentralized ecosystem is full of opportunities for developers to be creative, innovative, and collaborative. Successful programs will empower these developers to do their best work and provide the resources the community needs to grow. It’s an exciting place to be for developers and marketers alike.

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