Catchy at ETHDenver 2022: A Web3 World

Walking around the streets of Denver’s Baker neighborhood last month, you might have raised an eyebrow at the people in unicorn onesies at your favorite taco spot. You may have wondered how the former Sports Authority had become so popular in a matter of weeks. 

You witnessed the largest turnout for the biggest and longest-running Ethereum event in the world. With more than 10,000 people swarming around what is now the Denver “Web3” Sports Castle and the adjacent Art Hotel.  The arts district on Broadway took on a new life as ETHDenver 2022 kicked off.

Cam Agnew, Catchy Creative Director

ETHDenver had all the trimmings associated with the Web3 space. This space sports neon colors, flashing NFTs flashing, and notably, a DOGE McLaren outside the registration booth. 

Adding to the sensory overload, there were endless ways people could engage at the intersection of art and technology, from the Art Gallery and Makerspace, the "Zen Zone", DJ Chill room, and more.

Team Catchy with the DOGE McLaren, Gary Gonzalez, Elsie Bauer, Cam Agnew, and Joseph Petterson

What we heard

ETHDenver calls itself the “Community Innovation Festival.”  Our team was impressed by the community’s passion fueling the foundation of Web3. Decentralization has allowed a shift from Web2 to a more collaborative world. Our discussions with other attendees centered around sharing information and creating accessibility. 

The event created a welcoming environment where developers could freely exchange knowledge, network, meet new developers, and focus on expanding Web3's applications by partnering together.

Gary Gonzalez, Catchy Managing Partner

ETHDenver 2022 was all about connecting, collaborating, sharing, and encouraging. We’re interested in how ETHDenver will evolve along with Web3 and decentralization in the future. 

See you next year! ✌️