AT&T Dev Summit Hackathon – a developer event done well

Developer events are always exciting. There are typically great product announcements, fantastic food and entertainment as well as opportunities to network with long time associates and new friends alike. The 2015 AT&T Developer Summit did not disappoint in any of those areas.

Ralph De La Vega, President and CEO of AT&T Mobility quoted Netscape founder and current venture capitalist Marc Andreessen’s assessment that “software is eating the world”. The truth in the statement made in 2011 was undeniable but added his own insight that truly now with the Internet of Things movement, “The new, refreshed thought is not that software is eating the world, but mobile is eating the world”.

AT&T is forecasting that the Internet of Things will grow from 4.9 billion connections in 2015 to over 25 billion connections by 2020. The focus of the keynotes, panel discussions, breakout sessions and developer offerings presented clearly reflect their commitment to being on the front edge of this innovative and exciting time for mobile.

What better way to demonstrate their commitment to cutting edge innovation than to host a 36 hour hackathon with over 900 developers from all over the world and provide them with APIs, technical experts on hand and all the gear necessary to make the next great connected innovation and offer $100,000 in cash and prizes to the winners. That’s exactly what AT&T did with this year’s Developer Summit Hackathon.

As one might expect the vast majority of entries revolved around connected technologies. There were so many great ideas that made it to the finals but in the end there can be only one overall winner. This year the winning entry is an application called Anti-Snoozer. Anti-Snoozer uses facial recognition technology to detect if a driver is yawning, blinking frequently, shifting their pupils away from the road area or closing their eyes. When the app detects any one of these conditions it alerts the driver with an alarm and vibration via a connected smart watch. Anti-Snoozer was selected by the keynote attendees as the winner from a group of three finalists which each had fantastic entries. As the overall winners, Team Anti-Snoozer walked away with $25,000 cash and now have an opportunity to do something that could really make a difference in the world around us.

If you would like to see more of the innovative finalist ideas take a look here.


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