Meet the Team: Hillary Santoso

Hillary Santoso

Paid Media and Analytics Specialist

In today’s Meet The Team, we hear from Hillary Santoso, Paid Media and Analytics Specialist at Catchy, about her professional journey in developer marketing and insights on working with the Catchy team.

A graduate of the University of Michigan and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Hillary has lived in San Francisco, Ann Arbor, and Los Angeles. As part of Catchy’s marketing team, Hillary manages and optimizes digital campaigns, and utilizes data analytics to support performance objectives.

Can you describe the scope of what you do at Catchy? 

At Catchy, my responsibilities include a number of work streams, including planning, executing, and optimizing paid campaigns. This role involves identifying target audiences and keywords, creating ad copy, and analyzing campaign performance data. I also manage organic social marketing strategies to amplify KPIs by curating content that engages our developer audiences and managing conversations within developer marketing communities. As part of Catchy's influencer program, I identify and engage with key industry influencers, build relationships, and manage content, racking performance data of our influencer campaigns and making data-driven decisions to optimize results. Lastly, I manage the Developer Signal Hub, a social-listening program that identifies trends and provides insights into developer audiences. After building queries and setting up dashboards, these metrics would be then used to identify trends and to provide insights, such as sentiment, trending topics, and competitor analysis. I’d then use this data to deliver reports and provide actionable recommendations that would inform our marketing strategies.

One of the many things I love about my role at Catchy is collaborating with our cross-functional teams, including creative, strategy, and more, to work on all of my work streams. There’s always something new to learn, and I’m lucky to have so many chances to gain insights from my colleagues who bring unique experiences and perspectives to the table. As for my passion for data, I’m obsessed with it! I find the process of data-driven-decision-making a lot of fun. It's especially rewarding when I can use these insights to inform what we say to developer audiences and watch our communities grow. This part of what I do is incredibly fulfilling.

How has your music background helped you in your current role?

Music has been a constant passion and source of inspiration in my life. As a pianist and piano teacher, I’ve found that values integral to music-making, like attention to detail, discipline, and willingness to experiment, have translated seamlessly into my role at Catchy. Whether finding creative solutions to complex problems or iterating to improve performance, the skills I’ve developed as a musician have helped me out a lot at work and in other areas of my life.

Teaching piano has helped me work on a deeper sense of patience and empathy, which I try to apply to my work and personal life. I believe that listening carefully to others and adapting my approach based on their individual needs has been pretty helpful in building relationships with clients and colleagues, as well as with my friends and family! I’m super thankful for the many ways that music has enriched my life and mindset. It’s fascinating to think that despite the differences between fields, there are often more similarities than we might expect.

Which Catchy value do you strongly resonate with and why? (Collaborative, Fluid, Inclusive, Accountable)


Each of these values is equally important to me, and each one makes a huge difference to Catchy. Accountability hits especially close to home though. Being accountable means taking full ownership of my work, delivering on my commitments, and pushing myself to be better than yesterday. Staying accountable to myself means that I am staying accountable to my team and clients, and this is how I feel we can collectively get so much done. It’s taught me to be proactive, stay organized, and take ownership of my decisions. To me, accountability is not just a value but a way of living life that helps me build trust and drive meaningful impact, both at Catchy and in my personal life. 

What do you like about working with Catchy?

The people. I’m incredibly lucky to work with such talented and creative minds who put in 110% every day and inspire me to keep learning and growing. Catchy supports clients across different industries, company sizes, and developer marketing needs, which presents a unique opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills - technical, analytical, and creative. Working alongside industry leaders who are doing innovative work to shape the tech landscape is really cool, and I'm proud to be part of such a collaborative and inspiring team at Catchy.