Catchy Welcomes Kahly Berg as First Advisory Board Member

We’ve spent over 12 years establishing ourselves as the leading developer marketing agency. Our team's work reflects a deep understanding of developer audiences and marketing approaches, from working on go-to-market strategies to designing marketing and paid social campaigns. As the developer marketing industry continues to mature, an advisory board is critical to the agency’s growth and expansion.

The advisory board will be a diverse team of industry leaders whose guidance will allow us to build, scale, and grow a world-class agency while meeting the increasing demands of a maturing market. It will play a key role in taking Catchy forward and shaping our future.

With that in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome Kahly Berg to the advisory board as its first member.

Kahly is a digital marketer, strategist, and business leader who is deeply passionate about human connection in the digital era. She has built effective multi-disciplinary teams across strategy, design, content, marketing, analytics, and operations. Her achievements include leading Seattle marketing agency Rational as Executive Managing Director and CEO, and guiding a 350-person team at Designit as Head of the Americas region.

"The rate at which the developer audience and ecosystem is growing, both in size and complexity, has even the savviest brands struggling to keep up. Catchy's unique capabilities as a developer marketing agency have it poised to solve some of the most complex challenges facing today's digital brands. The opportunity for impact and growth is infinite, and I am excited to join as an advisor to help shape the future of such an innovative agency."

Kahly Berg, Advisory Board

“Developer marketing’s time has come. Catchy is the leading marketing agency in the space, and we're seeing great potential for continued growth. This is the perfect time for us to create an advisory board, and Kahly is the perfect person to join it. Her experience on the front line of high-growth agencies will help Catchy reach the next stage of our journey much faster.”

Richard Hurring, Founder and CEO

“As the world continues to shift towards open technology ecosystems, the complexity and needs of developer marketing programs have never been higher. This represents an incredible opportunity for Catchy, but it also comes with a new set of challenges as we scale the quality of our services to meet global demand. That’s where Kahly comes in. She’s the best in the business at putting people and quality first while growing agencies in the technology sector.”

Gary Gonzalez, Managing Partner

Catchy will benefit from Kahly’s expertise in building high-performing teams and managing high-growth agencies. Her people-first approach aligns with our core values, and we’re excited to have her play a key role in helping us navigate the road ahead.

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