Case Study: Meta

Audience intelligence is an essential tool for any developer marketing program - providing insights about developer preferences, sentiments, demographics, and friction points. When Meta launched the WhatsApp Business Platform, their Business Messaging team needed a way to monitor the needs of their increasingly diverse global developer communities. Catchy leveraged the Developer Signal Hub, our audience intelligence methodology, to build an always-on community monitoring program. Starting with WhatsApp, and eventually extending to include Messenger for Instagram and Facebook, our reporting allowed Meta Business Messaging to address developer needs, assess the impact of product announcements, and study trends in their key metrics over time.

Meet the Client

Meta Business Messaging helps businesses connect with customers through their preferred platform. Their product portfolio allows customers to ask about products or services, make purchaser reservations, and get support directly through WhatsApp as well as Messenger for Instagram and Facebook.

The Challenge

Generating developer-focused audience intelligence requires an in-depth understanding of developer communities and a proven ability to grow those communities over time. Meta Business Messaging needed a partner capable of providing actionable insights and recommendations following the launch of the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Their team initially came to Catchy for detailed reporting on developers using and referencing WhatsApp. This reporting eventually extended to include Messenger for Instagram and Facebook.

Our Approach

To collect this audience intelligence, Catchy built an always-on community monitoring program using the Developer Signal Hub. This reporting methodology gathers data from social media mentions and delivers insights directly from developer conversations using a combination of brand and product names, along with related words and phrases. The reporting tracks conversation volume, developer sentiment, channel insights, geographical insights, and overall brand awareness related to the client’s objectives.

Developer Signal Hub reporting uses the following sources and keywords:

Tracked Sources

  • Reporting uses data from social sites such as Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube, as well as other developer forums and communities such as Stack Overflow, GitHub, and XDA-Developers
  • News, blogs, and other long-form content can be added or removed from reporting as necessary

Tracked Keywords

  • Reporting looks specifically at mentions of the product name (such as WhatsApp Business Platform) and all related keywords (like WhatsApp API, WhatsApp Business API, and WhatsApp Cloud API)
  • It also tracks feature-specific mentions around media, webhooks, and registration

The Deliverables

Working with Meta Business Messaging, Catchy delivered insights and recommendations across WhatsApp and Messenger for Instagram and Facebook through detailed monthly reports and weekly snapshots.

Our reporting included the following categories:

Conversation Metrics

  • Monitored total mentions over the reporting period, month-over-month trends, and conversation volume trends
  • Analyzed conversation trends related to product launches and announcements

Markets and Geographies

  • Tracked social media mentions and product discussions by country to generate market-specific developer insights
  • Provided recommendations for targeted, localized marketing initiatives to grow awareness and market share in regions with high growth potential

Channel Usage

  • Delivered snapshots of conversation volume by channel for developer discussions about WhatsApp, Messenger for Instagram and Facebook, and related keywords
  • Tracked month-by-month trends, shifts, and changes across channels

Developer Sentiment

  • Delivered snapshots of qualitative sentiment for developer discussions about WhatsApp, Messenger for Instagram and Facebook, and related keywords
  • Analyzed developer conversation themes, such as product questions, usage insights, and feature discussions, and highlighted recurring positive and negative sentiments

Conversation Themes

  • Provided high-level insights and recommendations, taking a holistic view of the trends and themes that emerged from our reporting

The Results

Our community monitoring program brought Meta Business Messaging closer to their developer communities with actionable audience intelligence. Reporting from the Developer Signal Hub informed their developer marketing initiatives and was used to build a comprehensive strategy for 2023.

Across all product categories, it included:

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