Windows Phone Store passes 9 million daily transactions

With the diverse array of Windows Phones, and an increased platform market share around the world, Microsoft expects to see a rise in app downloads and purchases in the upcoming months. Windows Phone Store has now surpassed 9 million transactions per day – that’s a total of 270 million per month, or 70 million more than the figure reported in June.

Windows Phone now accounts for 1 in 10 smartphone sales in Britain, France, Germany, and Mexico according to Kantar’s report. Windows Phone is attracting a large percentage of first-time buyers with 42% of sales over the past year coming from feature phone owners wanting to enter the smartphone market.

Microsoft aims to encourage developers to publish a new app or to update an app to ensure they are ready for the upcoming months. To make it easier to get started, the annual Dev Centre registration fee is $19 for a limited time only.

Beginning this month, Microsoft will no longer wait to receive app sales proceeds from carriers before issuing payment to developers, all transactions via carriers will become eligible for payout after 30 days.

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