Windows Phone Store drives more than 200 million monthly downloads

Microsoft made a number of big announcements in a blog post yesterday on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

The first was the ‘$19 Summer Break limited time offer’ for developers, which is a price reduction to the Windows Phone developer registration cost to $19 for 60 days. This should encourage more developers to begin developing on the Windows Phone platform as it normally costs $99 per year.

It also announced a number of key performance statistics for Windows Phone;
– There are now 160,000 applications in the Windows Phone’s marketplace
– Apps in the Windows Store currently drive more than 200 million monthly downloads
– Daily revenue across the Windows Phone app marketplace has risen 2.5x since the release of Windows Phone 8
– Windows Phone posted the largest year-over-year (YOY) gain among the leading operating systems (131% YOY), more than doubling in size from a year ago, and leapfrogging BlackBerry for 3rd place.

Image by betsyweber

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