Windows Phone 8 gets its third update

Microsoft is updating its Windows Phone software to accommodate larger devices of up to 6 inches diagonally.  The larger, 1080p HD displays on these devices will make Windows Phone more personal, by allowing users to add six live tiles instead of four to the Start screen.

In addition to the larger screen, Update 3 will also bring support for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor.  The added horsepower that this chip delivers aims to make the operating system perform even better.  Another new feature called Driving Mode helps you get from A to B with fewer distractions.  Working with a connected Bluetooth device, Driving Mode is designed to limit notifications on the lock screen, including texts, calls, and quick status alerts, until you’re parked.

Microsoft also announced the Windows Phone Preview for Developers. The program, which officially launched late yesterday, gives app builders early access to its operating system updates so they can verify that their apps work as expected on the new code.

To participate and download Windows Phone 8 Update 3, you need to meet one of three conditions: your phone is developer-unlocked, you’re a registered Windows Phone Store developer, or you’re a registered Windows Phone App Studio developer.

Find out more about the Windows Phone 8 Update here.

Image by vernieman.

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