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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Win $45,000 in Chupamobile’s App Developer Competition

Chupamobile, the largest app source code marketplace, is launching a contest for iOS and Android mobile developers with $45,000 in prizes; the 2013 Chupamobile App Developer Competition. The competition began yesterday December 10, and ends January 28, 2014.

The Contest

Chupamobile is looking for the best app source code projects of the year; lots of creativity and hard work will be needed if you are planning to win the competition. Between the top mobile developers, three winners will be awarded with $45,000 in prizes. Definitely a good reason to start working on your next app!

How to Participate

All iOS and Android games, full apps, and components are suitable for entering the competition. The process is as simple as adding an item to the Chupamobile marketplace: You must be logged in as an author (you can sign up here), submit your project to the marketplace using competition2013 as one of the tags, and wait for its approval by the Chupamobile team. Once approved, your item will be part of the Chupamobile marketplace and you’ll earn 70% revenue of every sale.

Find out more here.

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