Why Are Branded Apps not Working?

This post has in truth been mostly created already by an article we read in the Guardian, you can find it here

Guardian – Branded Apps Fail 

But it resonated so well with us that we had to share it. The articles makes some interesting pints about why Branded Apps receive relatively low numbers of downloads. We do think there’s a wider point here as well though, which is what is success? If 1000 people end up carrying round your brand on their phone and engaging with it regularly as a result of what, in media terms, would be a relatively low outlay, could that at the very least be the start of a successful campaign?

But the main point is about the promotion of the app itself. Too many brands have a fire and forget attitude to apps. In the past we’ve called it both ‘Tick Box Marketing’ and ‘i-Syndrome’. ‘Quick, build an iPhone app and get it out there, I’ve passed my annual goals and the CEO has something to talk about at dinner’

Apps and mobile in particular should be so much more than this. Mobile is being short changed.

The use of Mobile in Marketing neither starts, nor ends, with an App.

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