What’s next for Android?

With the new Samsung Galaxy SIV being launched just last night, and with stats that puts it as the world’s largest mobile operating system, Android is certainly on a high.


Until recently Andy Rubin (Google’s SVP of Mobile and Digital Content) has been the driving force behind the Android OS who until earlier this month oversaw development. But for one reason or another he has stepped aside to focus on other projects within the search-giant. Was he pushed, or did he jump? Does it matter?


The big news is that his replacement is Sundar Puchai, who continues his role as head of Google’s Chrome division as well as taking on responsibility for the mobile operating system.   Significant because Android, Google’s mobile operating system and Chrome, Google’s web browser and desktop operating system have been kept separate by Rubin. He even went so far as flat out refuse to allow the use of Chrome as the default web browser on the OS.  But with Puchai in the driving seat, speculation has started about the potential for a convergence between the Android OS and Chrome OS.


While we’re not likely to see anything drastic happen immediately as a result of this change in personnel, it has implications for the touchscreen revolution.  The world is heading in one direction. Touch. Be it big, small, desktop, tablet, smartphone or even TV.


Are we going to see a full Android desktop/laptop operating system? A mobile Chrome OS? Or something completely new?


Watch this space.


Image by neko neko nya.

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