We’re Recruiting a Brand New A-Team – Do You Have the Right Stuff?

And in this case, the A-Team is for a new U.S.-based Advocate Network that we are setting up for one of our global blue-chip clients! Just like the A-Team of TV fame, our client needs four experts who are passionate about their subject matter and know how to get the job done. Specifically, we are seeking one advocate for each of the following subjects: Internet of Things (IoT), Embedded Technologies, Augmented Reality, and Gaming & Graphics.

Each of these four advocates must be passionate about their chosen subject, and be able to represent the company in many public-facing capacities, including their online developer forum, Stack Overflow/GitHub, blog, social media channels, user group conversations, and at local events. These individuals will also help to identify other developers to showcase their innovations.

Do you think you have the right stuff?

Position qualifications
To be successful in this role you will need to be:

  • Interested in and actively working to implement one or more of the company’s tools in at least one of your applications
  • Experienced in one of the four areas of subject matter, and currently working on a project in support of that topic
  • Able to demonstrate your subject at a local meetup
  • Able to communicate effectively in writing both socially and technically
  • Able to communicate effectively in person while speaking, teaching or presenting
  • Socially connected to developer communities
  • Able to manage your time and priorities well

Your role as an advocate will require approximately five hours per week of your time.

You’ll be supported by a Catchy Project Manager who will communicate with you regularly on an individual and team basis, and who will ensure you have the needed resources for your required activities.

The benefits of being an Advocate

  • Trip to the client’s HQ for training in May / June
  • Expo passes to two client-attended conferences of your choice (based on availability)
  • Hardware and early access to product insights
  • Client-branded swag (we all love swag!)

While working as an advocate, you will be a non-paid, part-time participant with an expense budget of $250 per month. Eligible expenses include costs for hosting meetups, travel costs for attending local events and travel to approved events.

Are you ready to apply? Or do you know someone who is qualified? To get started, please reach out to kyraings@catchyagency.com and let her know which of the four Advocate topics interests you!

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