Wake up to Mobile and Embrace the Possibilities

I read this piece from Mobile Marketing Magazine about the latest piece of Forrester research with interest.

Here’s a few highlights –

57% of companies do not have or are in early stages of a mobile strategy

Only 10% have had a full mobile strategy for more than a year.

One third of companies do not have a single individual responsible for mobile in their organisation.

The report was of course talking primarily about big multi-national organisations, but I think many of the conclusions can be carried over to small and medium sized businesses. It also made me think again about my last post, i-Syndrome – the inability of a company to look beyond the iPhone when considering a mobile strategy and wonder, how many of these companies, claiming to have a mobile strategy actually mean that they have built an iPhone app?

Those companies not taking mobile seriously, big or small, need to think again and consider how quickly mobile is evolving. The number of Facebook global mobile users has risen from 65 million to 150 million in under a year (a stat almost certainly out of date by the time you are reading this) 16% of Twitter users start on mobile and 62% of all Twitter users are on mobile.

Therefore it’s impossible to consider a social marketing strategy without considering mobile.

My suggestion, for businesses big and small, take a good look at mobile, maybe do what everyone else does and start with customer management and service but open your eyes to acquisition and revenue generation, all now possible through mobile.

Embrace the possibilities.

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