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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Unity Technologies has introduced Unity Cloud

Unity Cloud is a suite of cloud services which helps  mobile-game developers acquire new players, promote their games and monetise their products.  It’s easy to implement and assists developers with analytics, marketing, and monetisation capabilities.  Unity will also integrate options to run advertising, full-screen interstitial ads in mobile games, and install exchanges with other Unity developers.  As well as launching Unity Cloud, the company has started a publishing program that showcases the best mobile to have used Unity’s products including Roadhouse Interactive’s fast-paced FRS SkiCross and Black Tower’s action game Archangel.

These products and services are aimed at levelling the playing field for small developers, allowing their creativity to determine their success in the market, not their size.  Unity released a new 2D version of its game engine to complement its well known 3D version, for the gamer who likes simpler two-dimensional art styles.  The Unity publishing program will focus on “mobile first” games that take advantage of key features and engagement styles.  The Unity Games portfolio will target a wide range of consumers, genres, and art styles.  The aim is to showcase the talent and creativity of developers.

Image by The Eggplant.