Uber drives loyalty with 4th annual ice cream social

Uber knows a thing or two about how to keep customers happy. And not just by being an on-demand car service that is making the taxi industry squirm with jealousy. The provide referral codes that you can share with friends and you can earn promotional codes for free rides of your own. And of course, there’s the annual “ice cream social” where Uber comes to you with a trunk full of frozen treats.

Uber just held its fourth annual ice cream giveaway (well, not all of it was free) at the end of July, and you can see from the response the company had on Twitter that most people loved it. The event this year dished out a variety of ice cream treats in 250 cities around the world.

Our team in Seattle had the chance to order ice cream from Uber that day, and they shared their experience with us:

The deal: For 25 bucks, Uber will bring you five ice creams (we got a combination of ice cream sandwich and pops – one batman pop and one minion pop). You can choose what combination of frozen treats you would like. They come in a reusable tote bag, along with ice cream shaped temporary tattoos, stickers, and a pair of cool Uber sunglasses.

The process: On the Uber app dashboard, slide your little car to the service you are looking for. Sometimes you’re looking for something quick and cheap, like UberX. Other times you’re looking for a ride for your whole crew and you choose UberXL. For this, you select ICECREAM. Everyone wanted in on the action, so it took a couple of tries to get an available ice cream car. On our third try, there was one available and he came right to our front door within 10 minutes of our request. My ice cream driver, Michael, stepped out of a silver 2015 Prius with Uber Ice Cream branding on the sides, big turquoise ice cream cone decals, and met me back at the trunk of his car. He had a Styrofoam cooler in the back filled with ice and treats, and he let me choose five. He put them in a pre-assembled goodie bag and sent me on my way.

That was the whole, seamless experience! I would highly recommend the indulgence to anyone in Uber territory.


Easy-peasy ice cream freezy. And the real point here is that Uber created a memorable customer experience through this annual event that subtly reinforces their brand – both with current customers and new users who just wanted to try it out to see what would happen. Will they use Uber again? Probably. Can you buy customer loyalty? Not exactly, but a cool treat on a hot summer day certainly helps.

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