Twitter Card support helps mobile developers without a web presence

Deeplink.me, is an open initiative, encouraging app developers to embrace deep linking by linking directly to content inside an application from anywhere on the web or mobile. It is now rolling out support for Twitter Cards; which means app developers who don’t currently have a web presence are now able to take advantage of Twitter by pointing users to a specific page inside a mobile application from a tweeted link.

Twitter Cards are used by thousands of developers to post richer content to twitter’s network, including article summaries, photos, videos, and songs. In April, the company added support for mobile app deep-linking as a tool for app discovery and user engagement. With Twitter Cards, developers can tweet links pointing existing users to a page within the app on their phone, or if they didn’t have the app installed, they would be pointed to the app store to download the app instead.

Previously the problem with Twitter Cards implementation was that it required developers to maintain a web presence in order to host the metatags Twitter required. For many mobile-only developers, especially game developers, this meant they weren’t able to take advantage of the Twitter Card feature. Today, developers interested in using the Deeplink.me service simply set up a URL scheme, define translation rules, and then route incoming URLs through Deeplink.me.

The service is free to use, and easy to set up. For developers who want to utilise the Twitter Cards, they won’t have to take any additional steps beyond signing up and creating their Deeplink.me links.

Image by stevegarfield.

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