Treehouse teaches coders how to get a job

Treehouse today introduced a new initiative called “code-to-work,” which teaches coders the job skills necessary to steer through the world of software engineering.  The company was launched in November 2011 and offers courses in web design, iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails and PHP. 

The Treehouse career resources center offers business courses, interview guidance, job boards, and more.  So if you learn to code on Treehouse then begin developing your own app, you can also learn how to write a business plan.

The majority of Treehouse’s competition don’t offer job placement help, it’s typically the remit of learn-to-code bootcamps like General Assembly or App Academy, which often cost several thousand dollars for a few months of education, or take a percentage of your future earnings.

The career resources center is just the tip of the iceberg, with the company promising future developments for Treehouse’s job skills and placement.

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Image by Phillie Casablanca

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