‘Today’s the day’ another round of developers purchase Google Glass

Developers who previously expressed interest in the high-tech eyewear are now receiving invites to become a part of the company’s Explorer program.  Google is rolling out a preview of its SDK and opening up Mirror API to developers, giving anyone who wants to create apps for the high-tech specs the opportunity to do so.

The email sent to the interested developers read “When you asked us how to get Glass on this site, we told you there would be more chances to join the Explorer Program … someday. Well, today’s the day. The sneak peek of the Glass Developer Kit (GDK) is available now, making it possible to build new and innovative kinds of Glassware. We’re now inviting you, as a developer, to purchase Glass, become an Explorer and join us in taking the next step in developing for Glass.”

The cost to start your adventures with Glass is $1,500.

Google has not confirmed when Glass will hit the consumer market, but inviting more developers to the program indicates that it is ready to move forward with increasing its app offerings.

Image by tedeytan.

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