The winners of the Google Global Impact Challenge have been announced

Three winners have now been chosen by the Google Global Impact Challenge  judging panel for the award. SolarAidIntegrity Action and CDI Apps for Good all bagged themselves an award of $500,000, as well as mentoring from Google staff to carry out their projects. The public also voted for The Zoological Society of London’s project to win a $500,000 award; their project consists of using next generation camera traps to better protect threatened wildlife.

The Global Impact Challenge is a new competition that aims to use technology to solve global problems such as youth unemployment, sexual violence and lighting in off-grid communities, and hopes to make the top four a reality. Google also announced yesterday that it would give the remaining six finalists £100,000 each, making a total prize fund of £2.6million.

Image by  ZapTheDingbat.



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