The Nüüd, making the iPhone 5 LifeProof

The Nüüd case, specifically designed to make your beloved iPhone 5 waterproof without the need for a screen cover, so nothing comes between your finger and the retina display screen.

LifeProof provides a dummy iPhone 5 with every new case to test before exposing your own iPhone to the world of water (the Nüüd is rated for submersion up to 6.6 feet). You can even take underwater photos by using the covered volume up button.

The Nüüd not only protects your phone from any water related incidents it actually does make it LifeProof by protecting against dirt, snow and any falls. The lack of a screen cover means the screen is completely unprotected, however if you want to protect it from scratches you can install the optional scratch protector which is included.

Take a look at how it works here.

Image by Compudemano.

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