The Business of APIs Meetup

We believe there is a key missing link  when organizations consider investing in APIs. The conversation is incomplete. Features, capabilities, and infrastructure remain important and foundational for the success of the service. These components are the interface developers use to expand upon information assets. It is that expansion of asset value that merits a broader conversation around APIs. How do we position, explain and market what third-party developers can create with it. What is the Business of APIs? This question is the foundation of our new The Business of APIs Meetup.

Our goal is to bring together individuals whose success is defined by the success of third-party developers using their APIs. The speakers we invite to each meetup are driving today’s innovation economy. Catchy believes kick starting this conversation is valuable for the community. It expands on the technical aspect of APIs by focusing on the business opportunities and challenges APIs represent to their organizations.

The panelist for our first meetup includes:

  • Tina Huang, Co-Founder and CTO at Transposit
  • Emma Bahlke, Technical Product Manager at Moz
  • Bill Doerrfeld, Editor in Chief at Nordic APIs

As a developer marketing agency, we spend time helping companies extract more value out of their infrastructure and information assets. Over the past few years, we have found a common gap in understanding how to take these initiatives to market. A significant number of companies, big and small, will accelerate the launch of an API without a complete business case and marketing plan. In any other areas, including product, this would not happen. Why is there a tendency to oversimplify the effort required to successfully create open innovation ecosystems?

In the spirit of open innovation, we believe this problem is best solved with our collective creative thinking. We are looking forward to hearing your questions, stories and connections created during the first meetup.

Event Details: https://www.meetup.com/The-Business-of-APIs/events/260138293/


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM



1100 2nd Ave #500 · Seattle, WA

What: Free pizza, beer, conversations, and more!

See you there!

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