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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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The app economy supports 529,000 direct jobs – 60% are developers

According to a report by ACT4APPS , 22% of the global production of app-related products and services comes from the EU, making it second only to North America (42%).  The US’s app economy supports 794,000 jobs, with 529,000 direct app economy jobs, 60% of those employed are developers.  Across the 28 EU member countries, the app economy pulls in revenue of more than  €10 billion per year, which is astonishing considering the App Economy began with the launch of the Apple App Store just 5 years ago.

Mobile platforms and app stores have lowered entry barriers for developers, with app stores providing global market access, discoverability, low cost distribution and monetisation. Consumers can download an enormous variety of purpose-built apps at low prices from various types of stores.  While the app development sector of the economy is large and growing, the contribution of the app economy to the overall economy through app use is much wider.

Read more from the report here.

Image by bobfamiliar.