Thanks Steve.

So Steve Jobs is standing down as CEO of Apple, not news to any of you I’m sure.  Much has been talked about the possible impact on Apple going forward but this post is not about that.

Actually I just wanted to say ‘thanks Steve’. He made uncool stuff cool, he helped us do stuff we couldn’t do before and made us want to talk about it with our mates. Can you think of anyone else in history that has had such a profound affect on so many industries? Steve, and his companies have been largely responsible for profound changes in the music, computer, mobile phone and and the film industry (it’s often forgotten that Jobs was also CEO of Pixar and following their acquisition by Disney is still the largest single shareholder in The Walt Disney Co, owning something like 7% of the company)

I’m sure he’s aggressive and egotistical but even that single minded focus on getting it right, and doing it simply and with beauty have served him and us well.

My favourite Steve Jobs story – The iDVD one. Apple had bought a German software outfit and had asked them to work on the product that would later become iDVD. Their engineers spent days working on menus, mock ups, options and wireframes. Come the day of the meeting Steve didn’t even look at them, he walked over to the whiteboard and drew a rectangle. “It’s got one window. You drag your video into the window. Then you hit the button that says Burn. That’s what we’re going to make’. End of meeting. Genius.

So the business world is a little bit emptier today, thanks Steve for all your stuff. Be well.

(this article was inspired by a short Seth Godin blog)




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