Rumours are circling that Nikon will incorporate Instagram – into their new line of Coolpix Point and shoot cameras.  It will reportedly work on an Android powered camera and it will apparently connect directly to the Google Play market to download apps that will run on the camera.

Instagram is a fast and fun way to share pictures with friends and family – quickly and easily – simply post to Instagram and then share via social networks – but is also lets users change the style of the picture allowing them to make the image clearer and the boundaries more defined all the way down to making the picture blurry and dark to give a really retro effect and it’s the retro effect that’s caught our eye.

Nikon are not the only ones to tap into the retro revolution.  We all like to be reminded of our youth in such an ever changing world and the want for old is coming back in a big way.  Take the iPhone for instance there is now a retro dialer app that transforms the phone part into a disk style phone. Record players are back on the scene as many kids who laughed at the thought of putting a piece of plastic on to a turntable and running a needle over it want to move away from downloading to DJ’ing and the return of vinyl is becoming  a vast industry again.

We’ve also noticed that products are getting bigger – the camera being a prime example.  10 years ago companies were competing to produce the smallest of everything – the smallest phones, cameras, headphones and laptops with the rise of the netbook.  However, the iPad, Nokia Lumia 900 and the Samsung S3, Beats headphones have all replaced the small.

If you now look around big is becoming the new small and retro is becoming the new new!

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