Tech Predictions for 2020

The new year is just around the corner.  Last year saw some exciting technology changes, such as the growth of Python and microservices.  Some of these technologies will continue to grow in the next year. Although we can’t predict the future, we can anticipate a few changes to the technical landscape in the upcoming year.

Prediction 1:  Low-Code Development Reaches 50%

Low-code products have found their way into the traditional world of software development.  Using the drag and drop features of low-code products, developers can create solutions more rapidly than hand-coding an application.  Less time means a lower cost to develop. These solutions can be extended to allow non-developers to assist in application development, especially as a result of testing.  The faster a solution can move through development and testing, the faster it goes to market. Low-code products make the development cycle far more agile.

Prediction 2: Python will close the gap with Java and C in 2020 as overall top programming language.

Python’s roots in Java and C++ enable the language to move from web development to sophisticated applications.  Its extensive array of numerical libraries makes it ideal for the analytic data demands of today’s business world.  Python is famous for its efficiency, speed, reliability, and quality. Applications can end up with amazing performance regardless of programming skills.  Its appeal will only increase as its 128-bit technology, and multi-channel security are deployed.

Python continues to be the language of choice within academia.  New graduates will arrive prepared to use Python as their primary programming language. The popularity of Python has doubled in 2019 (from 5% to 10%).

Prediction 3:  Microservices architecture will become more and more dominant.

Microservices facilitate agile development.  Rather than working with an application with countless lines of code.  Microservices construct an application using small services that can run in parallel if needed and communicate over a structure.  This architectural design means that a microservice construct can be scaled more quickly and accurately. While the architecture holds promise for the rapid deployment of updated software, it does present problems for database structures that must ingest and manage the data, which will require another change to the technical landscape.


Prediction 4: Big companies will realize they can repurpose web devs to make progressive web apps (PWA).

What would be better than a web application that loads quickly and never breaks?  Progressive Web Applications (PWA) combine modern technologies with best practices to do just that.  These applications respond quickly to user requests and keep sensitive customer data secure within the app.  Ultimately, it will be a great user experience that drives PWA development. PWA Google trends report shows an amazing growth of PWA from the year 2014 to 2019.


Prediction 5: More People Will Watch Madden NFL eSports Final than the Super Bowl

Online gaming streams and events have grown in popularity, drawing millions of viewers every time. Technology companies such as Amazon and Microsoft are buying streaming platforms that will ultimately deploy technology that will push the boundaries of the gaming experience.  Pushing the boundaries will open up new possibilities in 2020.

Because the cloud gaming service model is becoming crowded, different platforms will enter the market.  Whether it is Google’s open platform Stadia or Microsoft’s low-cost X cloud, gaming will be the next streaming service.  What’s going to further fuel the development is 5G deployment. With more speed and bandwidth, gaming can incorporate more advanced features such as virtual reality.  New hardware, streaming platforms, and 5G technology will define the next experience for gamers

Prediction 6:  A Fantastic 2020

We want to thank our friends and clients for a wonderful 2019.  We wish everyone a fantastic start to a successful 2020!


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