2019 Tech Predictions: CX Fragmentation is Out!

As the year draws to a close we’re reflecting on the last twelve months and looking ahead to the next. This year there have been some positive steps forward in the tech world. Smart homes have become more mainstream, IoT is helping governments around the world provide safer and more efficient public services and more women are being encouraged into coding and tech roles. It’s also been the year for fake news, tech giants coming under fire for data breaches, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, bitcoin rapidly losing value and the enforcement of GDPR. 2019 comes with a plethora of exciting opportunities in our space. From consumer tech to the enterprise, next year has a high promise to close the second decade of the millenia strong. Still, no flying cars going mainstream though… fail!

Here are our top 6 tech trend predictions for next year:

Everyday AI becomes ubiquitous

It’s undeniable that we are all becoming more and more reliant on tech, both in our work and personal lives. This year we saw how you can talk remotely to your Amazon delivery driver and have them put the parcel in the trunk of your car. Alexa reminds you about your diary commitments and your fridge is ordering food for you. Next year, we will see tech companies integrating further into everyday life and providing a more personalised experience. Smart homes and technology will become ever more accessible to the masses and digital assistants will become a reliable value-add service. AI is undoubtedly going to progress next year and it’s likely you’ll be talking to all the objects in your home – bins, ovens, fridges. Better start finding some appropriate names for them. Fred the fridge?

Quantum computing advances our quest for cures

The race for quantum computing is still on. Quantum computing isn’t new and exists at the moment, but the machines are very expensive and relatively difficult to operate. The tech giants and big financial institutions have all invested vast sums of money in the development of their own quantum computers – who will be first? Quantum computers have the potential to solve problems that regular computers would take years to do. These machines are capable of complex long-range forecasting quickly and accurately.  Being the winner in the quantum race will provide a major competitive advantage to those who crack it first. Quantum computing will also disrupt the healthcare industry, it has the power to quickly compare the interactions and effects of pharmaceutical drugs on some of the worlds most challenging diseases. This means quantum computing might cure cancer and other terminal illnesses.

2019 Tech Predictions: CX Fragmentation is Out!

(Credit: Andy Aaron, IBM)

Blockchain will officially become business critical

Blockchain buzz was big this year and will remain a hot topic for 2019, but there is work to go in terms of stabilising the blockchain offering. Blockchain could become an integral part of business processes and help businesses achieve digital transformation. From decentralised apps, gaming in-app purchases, payments, voting – this list goes on. Blockchain technology will see a substantial rise in adoption throughout next year.

Standalone apps will begin to die

The app economy is past its prime. The notion of jumping hoops through multiple services when a user is trying to accomplish one goal is archaic. Cloud infrastructure has already tackled some of these challenges brought to life by silos of information. It is now in the hands of consumer experience builders to break this old paradigm. As the humanisation of digital services continues, invoking services by a tap or a voice goes against the organic evolution of the industry. In 2019 you will see the rise of Progressive Web Apps. Consumers will barely notice it but will love it.

Nesa by makers

xR becomes a reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality all get a chance to make it big next year. Hardware manufacturers are making devices more affordable and creators and developers alike are queuing up to build content and experiences on the new platforms. A challenge we see is moving the industry past infotainment. There are obvious use cases in higher ed, manufacturing, medicine and the military that are ripe for disruption. In 2019, we will see glimpses of the new meaning of “looking something up” in the web.

IT embraces low-code development

Simplified and quick to implement, low code development is less expensive and faster to deploy than high code development. With businesses under pressure to deliver apps, the use of low code application development platforms will increase in 2019. Low code development opens the doors to a wider audience, meaning less experienced developers can be utilised as well as non-technical team members. These platforms come at a cost, but given the time and resources saved on using experienced developers to hard-code an app from scratch, they will rise in popularity over the next 12 months.

Happy holidays from all of us at Catchy

As the year draws to a close, we want to thank all of our clients and friends for a fantastic year. The Catchy team has grown both in our UK and US offices. We’ve welcomed new and old clients throughout the year and have worked on great developer programs, developer marketing and strategy projects. Enjoy your holiday break and have a fantastic start to 2019.

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