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You’ve heard it said that “getting there is half the fun” with regard to traveling anywhere. All too often though, getting there is fraught with obstacles and challenges that must be overcome, and those are anything but fun. There was a time when all you could do is look for a pay phone to call someone or maybe even wait on the side of a long, seldom traveled road for a good Samaritan to pass by. Fortunately technology has helped remedy that by making some of the solutions to our troubles readily available in our pockets and briefcases.

Catchy attended The Perfect Trip Devcon hosted by Concur in San Francisco on 30 October, 2014, to meet the companies and developers who are interested in making travel easier, hassle free and enjoyable. Steve Singh, CEO and Co-founder of Concur shared a little about the company’s beginnings as a desktop software solution to filing business travel expense reports and how they grew and matured into the mobile-centric business travel company they are today. He stressed that “the perfect trip is transparent, connected and effortless”. This theme permeated everything presented at the conference following that.

Concur demonstrated their commitment to those three essentials for a perfect trip by hosting a contest in which developers submitted their ideas for making the perfect trip possible. The prize was $100K in convertible notes to the winning idea in two categories; the best travel-related innovation for businesses, and the best travel-related innovation for travelers. A total of eight finalists were selected to pitch their apps to a panel of judges and the entire audience at the Devcon. The pitches were fantastic and the ideas were all really innovative and useful, but in the end, there could only be two winners of $50K each.

One of the winners was Paradine. With Paradine you can share restaurant recommendations with your trusted network of colleagues and clients. The app also integrates with Concur for insights on restaurant favorites that are in policy and recommended by colleagues. This is especially handy when you’re traveling for work. Sometimes a good dining experience between flights or during that longer than expected layover is all you need to make your time in the airport a little more enjoyable.

The other winner was loungebuddy. Loungebuddy enables travelers to discover and access their airport oasis. If you’re looking for a work desk to be productive or a place to have a meal, take a shower or let your kids have a safe place to play and unwind, this app connects you to lounges in airports worldwide. Simply complete the profile with your travel club and credit card information and loungebuddy lets you know which of those “elite” airport lounges you have access to and what’s available in them.

The travel industry continues to grow and as people travel, the world seems like a much smaller place. If you’re a developer and have ideas you think will help them make their travel transparent, connected and effortless, there’s a huge opportunity just waiting for you. Perhaps you should take a look at the Concur Developer Portal and see how you can tap into 25 million business travelers.

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