SyncPad, real-time collaboration app goes freemium

SyncPad, available and optimised for iOS and Samsung devices, is a collaborative whiteboard app that allows multiple users to leverage the cloud for real-time collaboration on sketches, wireframes and PDFs. You can also share your work via email, Box and Dropbox.

Newly updated and changed from paid to a freemium business model, the app allows up to 3 users to collaborate without charge. However if you want to share and interact with more, all it will cost you is $5/month.

In the age of cross-nation design and development teams, SyncPad seems to go some way to let users collaborate no matter where they are.

However this isn’t just aimed at the professional market. We’ve now become accustomed to seeing interactive whiteboards in every classroom; Founder, Davide Di Cillo, aims to provide the simplified whiteboard application at an affordable price to allow “…everyone access to teach a class, more efficiently conduct business or simply help a child with their homework remotely.”

Image by Mike Rohde

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