Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Ripples of excitement across the Internet are usually caused by content such as the latest news, gossip, product launch or viral video sensations, but this week the one of the big announcements has been about the web itself.  Web Platform Docs is an ambitious attempt to create a central information resource for web developers.

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web is at the forefront of the project.  The video launch of the project talks about learning and sharing and the community, but what makes it remarkable is the way in which it has brought some of the arena’s fiercest corporate rivals together with the common aim to facilitate the next stage of web development. Apple, Google and Microsoft are more commonly found flexing their muscles around patent infringement issues as they are determined to maintain or increase market share. So why are they now playing nicely together? What makes this project so appealing to the big players is the acknowledgement that it is in the interest of everyone using the web to have a certain standardisation across browsers and devices.  After all, the web was invented as an administrative convenience but now everyone wants to access, use, code for and enjoy this global resource.

The platform manufacturers can relax in the knowledge that there is still a high demand for native apps – HTML5 is about so much more than that.

So well done to the project for fostering a collaborative ethos and for a successful launch. The next task is to manage, moderate and maintain such a vast resource to ensure it remains current, credible and usable.


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