Snapchat updates iOS app with SnapKidz feature

Snapchat, the real-time photo messaging application, has announced updates for its iOS app, which include; critical fixes for bugs and crashes. However, the most significant update is SnapKidz: a version of Snapchat available for kids under the age of 13 (as a result of the previous age-gating update only allowing Snapchat for teens and adults).

SnapKidz allows kids under the age of 13 to fill out the registration form, however their user information is not sent to Snapchat and an account is not created. “It will include an interface for taking snaps, captioning, drawing, and saving them locally on the device, but does not support sending or receiving snaps or adding friends.”

If it’s successful there will be an upcoming Android update to include this latest feature.

Image by Geoff Penaluna

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