SMS is Undead

The signs of its demise seem evident. People are starting to switch to free messaging alternatives like Facebook’s Messenger and Twitter, or apps like Kik and Beejive. Or they may be opting for more secure services like BBM from Research In Motion. It doesn’t help that operators are cutting people off from unlimited texting plans.

So is SMS really dead? Not quite yet, but it might be getting there, according to this report. But unlike the eventual demise of the telegraph, texting will be here to stay.

The reason is simple: it’s the easiest way for brands to directly communicate with a wide audience, transcending barriers like access to computers and internet connectivity. People also know that SMS just works and they don’t need to learn to use yet another piece of technology just to vote for their favorite reality show contestant.

What’s more, everyone accepts that people are often tuned into SMS and respond to them fairly quickly. Let’s face it, when have you really ignored a text? Everyone at least reads the first line before looking away.

Brands and organizations will continue to use SMS to reach people but for person-to-person communication, it’s another thing altogether. Everyone is free to choose the avenue they are most comfortable with, be it Twitter DMs, Facebook messages or BBMs. What’s going to happen is that companies like Google and Apple will start aggregating all your communications into one neat bundle, making it easier to handle all the messages you receive while still letting you use your favorite app or service.

So don’t close down those text messaging campaigns just yet. You can always adapt to the next new thing if and when it rolls around. What’s important is that your message is well received and responded to, not how it is sent.

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