Shopping.com relaunched as the eBay Commerce Network

Shopping.com, the comparison shopping network, was purchased by eBay in 2005 for $620 million and has now been rebranded as the eBay Commerce Network. The reason being that Shopping.com has shifted from a comparison shopping site to an actual commerce ad network, therefore the newly acquired name aims to represent this more accurately.

Shopping.com reaches more than 250 million consumers every month, and is accessible in the United States, France, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom. However, it still hasn’t reached the same level of public awareness as eBay, therefore the re-branding should also attract a new wave of active users.

The commerce advertising platform network aims to connect consumers to the world’s advertisers and offer merchants direct response and targeted advertising solutions across a network of leading publishers. The company says that 4,000 merchants already work with the eBay Commerce Network to acquire new customers via advertising.

Image by cytech.


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