Setting a precedent – The Oracle approach

Oracle vs Google on the Java/Android Platform

You’ve probably already seen this news bit, but just incase you haven’t. The technical World has been set buzzing recently with the news that Oracle, one of the World’s largest Hardware and Software Development companies is suing another of the World’s largest Software Development companies, Google, for copyright and patent infringement. This ascertains to Google’s use of the Java APIs (Application Programming Interface) publicly available to developers of which the rights for the Java platform belongs to Oracle after its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Oracle have motioned that Google has given public development access to the industry without consultation and remuneration to itself in the form of licenses.

Google’s Android OS is predominantly a Java based platform which utilises a number of global APIs in order to render a User Interface and function. The copyright infringement occurring when Google gave Android to developers as an open source development platform.

With this news, and if Oracle’s motion is upheld, it could send shockwaves across to Java development industry. If Oracle wins its claim and Google may be forced to either pay damages and take on licences, or refactor a large amount of code. This would have a devastating affect on the general development community as software everywhere would have to be scrutinised for license infringements.

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