Samsung Tablets Overtake Kindle Fire

New figures reveal that Samsung are selling a lot of tablets in the United States and Canada.  Samsung products were the most popular type of Android tablet that Americans and Canadians used to surf the web, beating Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets for the first time.

As ever, Apple’s iPad was the dominant tablet, accounting for 77.2% of web surfing on tablets in the second quarter of 2014. Samsung however, finished strong at 8.3% — a step up from its 4.7% share a year ago.  It appears that the company’s strategy of providing multiple tablet models among multiple lines in order to serve every customer preference — is actually paying off.  In addition, Samsung’s Galaxy Note line, with it’s USP ‘S Pen stylus’, may be resonating with consumers.

While Apple will continue to be the tablet market leader for the foreseeable future, the power struggle to be No. 1 among Android tablets is far from settled.  Samsung is the current champion, and it may get a boost from the imminent launch of the Galaxy Tab 4.

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Image by John.Karakatsanis

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