Samsung launches enterprise-focused dev center

Samsung has created the Samsung Solutions Exchange, a new ecosystem for enterprises that are adopting Android phones. The Exchange will not only offer apps specifically for business, it will also be a place where third-party developers and businesses with unique needs can meet and close deals — and it gives enterprises access to Samsung’s own device software development kit and 1,000 “enterprise APIs.”
Apple also offers solutions for enterprises, which are currently limited to tools and software to build and distribute apps in-house. Organisations that don’t have that capability may find the Samsung Solutions Exchange a very helpful way of finding and connecting with suppliers.

In addition, the Exchange promises to be a more secure way to find and distribute enterprises apps, alleviating enterprise concern over Android security issues. By building on Samsung’s enterprise-friendly SAFE program, which secures Android devices with 256-bit encryption, provides VPN connectivity, helps Android connect to Microsoft Exchange, and includes mobile device management tools.

Learn more about how the Samsung Solutions Exchange can benefit you here.

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