Samsung launches 5 SDKs to lure developers

This week, Samsung has its first global developers conference in San Francisco, a big step in the effort to cultivate a host of software and service for its devices. Samsung looks to strengthen its market position, recognising the need to give its customers a reason to be loyal to its brand.

At the conference, Samsung launched five SDKs. Including:

The revamped Mobile SDK, which consolidates a handful of existing Samsung mobile dev tools so coders and engineers can easily create apps that take advantage of the company’s S Pen, gesture controls, and audio features.
The Smart TV 5.0 SDK allows developers to build apps for Samsung’s connected televisions, with a focus on optimising those apps for the company’s 2014 class of displays.
The Multiscreen SDK, which packs APIs that will allow users to quickly sync up smartphones and screens for simple media sharing across displays.
The Multiscreen Gaming SDK which Samsung developed in tandem with Unity. It’ll allow developers to craft games that functionally turn Samsung smartphones into consoles that output all the action to a connected Samsung TV.
The Knox SDK to help developers build secure, enterprise-friendly apps that can work information from personal data.

Find out more about the conference here.

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