Samsung Experience Shops to open in 1,400 Best Buy stores

Samsung is preparing to go head-to-head with Apple by opening its own ‘Samsung Experience Shops’ in 1,400 Best Buy locations by the beginning of June (around the same time as the Galaxy S4 release date), where Apple already has retail spaces. Samsung has teamed up with Best Buy in a bid to grab the attention of U.S. customers away from Apple and Microsoft’s own stores.

Each of Samsung’s boutiques will offer Samsung smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and accessories. It is reported that Samsung’s spaces will be larger than Apple’s and will allow customers to purchase Samsung items without having to go through the main checkout line.

This will boost brand recognition for Samsung in the U.S and allow Best Buy to gain an edge on competitors by offering boutiques where customers can see demos and try out products.

Image by Augmented Event

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