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Samsung building the next Nook tablet

Samsung announced today, that they will be partnering with Barnes& Noble to develop a new line of Nook-branded tablets.  The major bookseller first announced its intentions to bring on a hardware partner last year after revealing to shareholders that Nook Media sales were in decline. This will mean that Barnes & Noble can focus on the digital media and the overall Nook platform.

The partnership will see Samsung produce a new tablet called the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX as well as Google’s Nexus 7. The device will run the Nook’s Android-based operating system and will very likely feature some cross promotion with Samsung’s digital platforms.

It’s an  interesting choice that Barnes & Noble have partnered with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 over something from Microsoft (already a large stakeholder with Barnes& Noble), which is already making its own tablets, expanding further into digital media sales, and seeking greater adoption of Windows 8.

The Nook has received past criticism of not keeping pace with competitors who offer consumers a better choice when it comes to digital books, movies, TV shows and other media.  Barnes& Noble will be hoping that the new partnership will help level the playing field against their main rival the Amazon Kindle.

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Image by allaboutgeorge