Samsung acquires SmartThings to increase foothold in “smart home” market.

The potential of “smart homes” is certainly an area not being overlooked by Samsung with their reported $200 million purchase of SmartThings.

SmartThings started life as a Kickstarter project back in 2012. The aim was to create a way for people to monitor their homes through one mobile application. The scope of this has grown along with the company and Samsung can see the potential.

Whilst SmartThings will operate under Samsung’s Open Innovation Center group, it will, according to CEO Alex Hawkinson, continue to operate as an independent entity.

Apple and Google have already both entered into the battle for “smart home” supremacy. iOS 8 will offer functionality through it’s Homekit software which will enable door locking, light dimming, and other automated home facilities. Google’s intent to offer similar services was revealed back in January when they announced they had plans to buy Nest Labs for $3.2 million.

Samsung had already started making inroads to this market but their position has been significantly improved with their purchase of SmartThings.

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