QT Mobile Roadshow Developer Events

Event Locations and Dates

January 27th, 2014: Tampere, Finland, pre-registration full, sign up for wait-list.

February 19th, 2014: San Francisco, CA, USA, register here!

March 11th, 2014: London, UK, register here!

March 13th, 2014: Berlin, Germany, register here!

These events are a great opportunity to

  • Hear the latest about Qt Mobile developer offering
  • Meet exotic and bearded Scandinavian Qt experts in person.*
  • See Qt demos running live on different mobile device
  • Get real hands-on training to get ready to publish Qt apps to Google Play and App Store
  • Meet other local mobile developers, have some lunch and great fun!

*beards not guaranteed on all locations. Also, experiencing someone as exotic is a very subjective matter and your personal experience can be different.

The event is targeted mainly for all kinds of mobile developers. Product/project managers can find the first part of the event interesting and are of course welcome to join for the whole day as well, maybe even learn some awesome Qt Quick programming skills while doing it!

No previous Qt, Qt Quick or C++ experience required, but it doesn’t hurt either. Lots of demos, examples and live coding are going to take place!

Topics to be Covered During the Day

Qt Mobile

  • What is Qt in 2014? Why Qt?
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Opportunities
  • Qt Mobile Developer Offering—Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Jolla Sailfish, WinRT / Windows Phone

Getting Started With Qt Mobile Programming

  • Getting a Qt Account and installing the development tools
  • Brief Intro to Programming with Qt on Mobile Platforms
  • UI Creation with Qt Quick and Qt Quick Controls

Qt on Android

  • Working with Qt Creator and Android Devices
  • Deploying Qt Applications to Google Play

Qt on iOS

  • Working with Qt Creator, XCode and iOS Devices
  • Deploying Qt Applications to iOS App Store

Introduction to Qt on Windows Phone

Qt Cloud Services
  • Creating a Cloud Backend with Enginio Data Storage
  • Using Enginio Data Storage through Qt Cloud API

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