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Project Description


  • Catchy identified 120+ developer events across 12 industry verticals. Each event was classified and ranked according to agreed criteria
  • Catchy defined objectives for each event type (speakerships, sponsorships and meet ups) and provided  an initial calendar of all US events for FY15
  • Catchy shortlisted 19 key events, conducted outreach to organisers in order to gain additional event detail, and provided Qualcomm with a SWOT analysis of these events
  • A final event calendar was provided with the final list of 8 recommended events



Qualcomm received an extensive analysis of the developer events landscape and used this to inform event attendance. The research helped to justify increased events budge It also provided a reference for future planning and a benchmark for analysis of future events.



In addition to the strategic recommendations, Catchy provided on-the-ground support at the conferences and Meetups, helping with logistics and also providing post-event analysis to measure success.