LENOVO IOT GATEWAY PROGRAM 2017-06-08T09:14:24+00:00

Project Description

Evaluate the IoT home gateway industry for leading Chinese electronics manufacturer Lenovo and identify strategic Partner opportunities for their Home Gateway offering



  • Completed a competitor analysis into leading IoT home gateway providers to assess the market landscape and provide a “best in class” go-to-market strategy based on the strengths of the Lenovo offering
  • Identified and researched potential software and hardware partners to provide a competitive advantage for Lenovo in the market
  • Researched partners and established the decision maker, value proposition, considerations and partnership objectives
  • Created a messaging framework to conduct targeted direct outreach and generate warm partner leads
  • Interviewed potential partners to understand integration options, co-marketing opportunities, existing partnerships, general advice and challenges
  • Assisted with the completion of checkpoint documents e.g. NDA process
  • Provided routes to commercial solution for each warm lead


Catchy exceeded the Partner lead target by 250%

Catchy Added Value

Catchy identified a fast track approach by integrating with an IoT platform partner that has built cross-platform connections with 600+ IoT services /products

Project Details