Part 5 of our Developer Marketing Guide is now live!

Part 5: Developer Marketing and Engagement Programs

We’re pleased to announce the fifth installment of our Developer Marketing Guide is now live. In this new chapter, it’s time to look at marketing and engagement programs. Forming an important part of your overall developer marketing strategy, this segment will help you understand how these programs fit amongst your marketing mix. We look at key components, such as rewards, recognition and contests, so you can understand how to leverage these to create a thriving and engaged developer community.

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If you haven’t caught up with our previous installments of the Developer Marketing Guide, here’s a rundown of what you can expect. Part 1 gives an initial introduction into developer marketing, looking at the different types of developers and how to attract them to your developer program. Part 2 will help you to build a compelling value proposition. Part 3 looks at the importance of developer communities and how you can target them with thoughtful, bespoke messaging that resonates with them. Part 4 walks you through the steps you need to take to build engaging technical and developer marketing content. Happy reading!

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