Nothing happens until somebody sells something

Are we creating noise or are we creating value, something that is measurable in sales and ultimately profits?

I think that’s a question a lot of people in digital marketing, in particular social media marketing should be asking themselves. Judging the success of a campaign purely by hits, followers or fans might be OK for Coca Cola or for Nike, companies that can measure their brand worth in billions, but is it enough for the rest of us?

The obvious answer is no, it’s not enough, but you’d be surprised at how many campaigns I see that give little more than a passing nod to the idea of measuring conversions, or even agreeing what a conversion is and what the targets are.

Digital spectators are all very well, it’s very flattering for you or your company to be ‘followed’ but how do you convert those spectators into participants, people that will actually buy or use your company and products? That is the point where marketing let’s go and sales takes over.

Sales is a bit of a forgotten art form, nearly a dirty word, but it is the life blood of any business. When you are thinking of your next marketing campaign, digital or otherwise, take a minute to consider how this plan maps into your current sales process, and, if it doesn’t, change the plan or change the process.

Remember, no matter how good your marketing or your product, nothing happens until somebody sells something.

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