Nokia unveils the Nokia X Android Phone

At last, the long-rumoured Nokia X was announced this morning at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and is the first of many Android products from Nokia set to be released.  This gateway into the Android world has already been lauded as one of the best things that Nokia could bring to Microsoft.

The Nokia X is a budget model at just $120 and runs a highly modified version of Android, providing Nokia with a great way to compete with cheaper Android phones popularized by Huawei and ZTE.   Nokia has removed all the “Google” from Android and replaced it with its own services as well as Microsoft’s, in a strategy that echoes the Amazon approach to Kindle tablet apps.  The Nokia X includes the Nokia Store and several preloaded third-party app stores such as Yandex.

As a key strategic manoeuvre the Nokia X  is going on sale in India, Latin America, and African markets in early March rather than targeting the US.   An interesting move, which is clearly designed to re-establish dominance in emerging markets.  Time will tell how successful the strategy will be.

Image by roblawton

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