Nokia needs Microsoft to evolve in order for its devices to be a success

Last week Nokia reported record smartphone sales of 7.4 million Lumia devices. It still doesn’t match the likes of Samsung and Apple who shipped over 70 million and over 30 million smartphones respectively in the same period.

The lack of apps and software updates is a definite weak point for Nokia. In an interview with International Business Times “We are releasing new devices frequently and for every new device, if there is an app that somebody cares about that’s not there that’s a missed opportunity of a sale,” says Nokia vice president Bryan Biniak. Nokia is renowned for innovation and development and in the past 12 months it has released more than 10 new Lumia smartphones into the market. However, Microsoft is coming to mobile from a heritage of desktop software which was updated annually, and it is failing to adapt quickly enough to the rapidly changing smartphone market.

Nokia has been pushing for improvements to Windows Phone, including an upcoming update that will support Bluetooth 4.0 on compatible devices. Biniak does think the situation is improving. “People will be hard-pressed to say ‘[Windows Phone] doesn’t have this app,” by the end of 2013 claims Biniak. It’s clear Nokia isn’t waiting around for Microsoft to improve things. “As a company we don’t want to rely on somebody else and sit and wait for them to get it right.”

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