Nokia is launching Connected Driving

Nokia has been working on a range of new products and apps to enhance its HERE navigation system. Nokia holds one of the biggest databases of mapping information in the world, and HERE has deals with ToyotaVolkswagenBMW and Garmin for its in-car navigation systems so it is natural that Nokia should seek to enhance these products. Nokia is launching Connected Driving which includes HERE Auto for embedded in-car navigation; HERE Auto Cloud for extra services like real-time traffic updates; and HERE Auto Companion which lets you link location data that you want to use or that you’ve created in your car, with what you are doing when you leave your car and continue your journey using your smartphone’s navigation tools.

Nokia’s intention is for all of this to be interoperable with different smartphone platforms. While HERE Auto and Auto Cloud will be loaded on to in-car systems, the apps in the Auto Companion will be launched for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. However, it’s likely that we will see the first services built on the Windows Phone platform that Nokia uses for smartphones.

Take a look at what the individual HERE apps offer here.

Image by Kitty Terwolbeck.




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