Nextpeer is coming to Android after gaining 10 million monthly actives on iOS

Israeli startup, Nextpeer, intends to make every mobile game multiplayer enabled. The company’s SDK allows players to compete directly against friends or random players in tournaments, which boosts player retention by competing for high scores. The SDK integration is said to take a few hours of work and it manages push notifications, Facebook challenges, analytics and cross-promotions.

Nextpeer have reached about 2,000 games on the iOS platform, bringing 15 million unique players and 10 million monthly actives in the network. Now targeting the Android market with about 100 titles, and it is planning to support Unity as well as build an enterprise level SDK to allow bigger studios to customise their integrations.

The monetisation part of trying to gain a network of users through giving third party developers social features, hasn’t always worked for other companies (OpenFeint, DeNA’s Mobage and Papaya Mobile), as Apple and Google already provide decent payment mechanisms for markets in developer countries and have their own competing products like Game Center. Nextpeer, which was going to rely on virtual currency for monetisation, has since switched to cross-promotions and advertising.

Image by Official GDC.

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